31 March 2017



Here are a few gym rules we adhere to at Hi Reps Fitness that best reflect our gym’s culture and allows us to foster a fun, safe, clean, and respectful training environment for everyone in our community. This list is hardly all-inclusive, but it pretty much comes down to safety, common courtesy, and respect for others and our equipment.




GIVE US FEEDBACK. We love to hear from our members and guests. If you have something you want to say, please share it with us via a quick email enquiries@hireps.com.au, Please let us know your gripes as well as your likes!


WELCOME NEW MEMBERS. You were once the new kid on the block. Remember when you didn’t know what an AMRAP stood for or where the mats were located? Our community is what sets us apart from any other gym. Please introduce yourself to newer members and help them get acquainted with our community. Who knows they may just become your new training buddy.


NO ONE LEFT BEHIND. Your workout isn’t finished until the last member of your class is finished. If you complete your workout before someone else, find someone who hasn’t finished and cheered them on. We guarantee there will be a gruelling workout in your future where you will be the last one standing, and you may just welcome that extra push or cheer to get you through it.




ASK FIRST. Additional training before or after class must always be cleared with the coach on duty and should not interfere with the ongoing class. The coach always has final say.


RESPECT OUR COACHES. Please pay attention when the Coach is explaining the workout and the movements. We ask that you refrain from loading barbells, grabbing equipment, practising movements or discussing what you had for lunch when the coach is talking. While you may have heard the instruction for a deadlift one thousand times, it may be the first time for the person standing next to you. Besides, you may just learn something new, and it could be what separates you from your next PR!


DON’T LOAD UP EARLY. Please do not load or place weight on your barbell until you are told to do so by the coach. Trust us; you will be asked to remove the weight from your barbell.


STAY UNPLUGGED. No Headphones on the gym floor at any time. If you don’t like our music, please make a request. Be aware of your surroundings. We often get de-sensitized to what actually goes on at the gym, but there are really heavy objects being lifted, dropped, swung and thrown. Watch where you are going and listen to what is going on around you.


SCALING IS NOT FOR SISSIESS. Please do not argue with the coach if they ask you to scale your weight or movement. They are trying to keep you safe and moving effectively and efficiently through the workout. A coach will stop any workout or activity if it is deemed unsafe at any time.


KIDS AND BARBELLS DON’T MIX. We love all of our Hi Reps kids, but we want them to be safe. We encourage you to bring your kids with you, but all children need to be able to sit unattended at the back of the gym. If they require supervision, please have a responsible adult in attendance to supervise them. If your child is screaming, please attend to them. Children are not allowed on the equipment at any time and must be off the gym floor during classes.


GHOSTRIDING IS NEVER COOL. Please control any weight you are moving. Do not drop lightweight barbells from overhead (5kgs/10kg plates). This is a phenomenon called Ghostriding, and while you may feel cool doing it, we guarantee you won’t feel cool when your barbell hits your neighbour (or damaging of plates – Guess what they break, unable to be used and cost $$$ to replace). So please don’t do it. Barbells should only be dumped for safety purposes and out of necessity. We will give you one warning, after that, your session is over.


DON’T SUFFER IN SILENCE. If you are injured, please let us know before the workout. Remember we can scale and modify any movement! But only you know how your body feels. Train Smart!




RSVP & SIGN TO CLASS. If the app isn’t working, please notify the coach. It’s a simple 2 sec part of your day and helps us get ready for your class.
Classes are capped for space, performance and safety. If you don’t RSVP, you may be subject to wait till another class to participate OR class may be cancelled due to no RSVP for class.




COME EARLY. In fact, we prefer that you are early. Use the time to sign in, warm up, use the restroom, or meet a new member! Please be ready for class when it starts.


BE ON TIME. Being consistently late for anything is not cool. And warming up properly is extremely important. We understand you have a life outside of Hi Reps and we all know that traffic sucks. We won’t judge you if you show up a few minutes late once in a while, but please be respectful and ask the coach if it is ok to join late or be ready to wait until the next class if possible. Don’t assume you can just jump in.




DON’T BE A SMELLY NELLY. Please Wear Deodorant.


CLEAN UP YOUR DNA. Please clean up your sweat, blood and puke. Wipe down your equipment before putting it away and pick up your used tape, Band-Aids, towels, Kleenex, water bottles and sweaty clothes. We provide disinfectant that IS to be used after each session, keeping it clean for the next person (which is sometimes you).




SPEAK UP. Please bring things to our attention. If you notice that equipment is broken, lights are out, or there’s no toilet paper in the bathroom, bring it to our attention so we can do something about it.


CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF. Wipe down your equipment and keep your bodily fluids off our equipment. Pick up your tape, markers, poker chips, notebooks, water bottles, clothing and gear. Put away all the equipment you used back where it belongs (not where you feel it should go or because you like this spot better). Stack the boxes neatly, put the bars in the racks, stack the plates in order (plates that say IRONEDGE go on the rig, plates that say URBAN go under the whiteboard), and hang up your jump ropes (or purchase your own to save time adjusting to a specific height). If your kids make a mess, please clean up after them, especially any snacks they may have enjoyed as this draws insects. We pride ourselves on having a clean facility for our members. Please help us keep it that way. Set the example and others will follow.


KEEP THE BATHROOMS CLEAN. We don’t expect you to be janitors. Just do the simple things like making sure your paper towels and tape end up in the garbage can. If you splash water all over the floor, wipe it up. If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat and wipe the seat.


RESPECT OUR EQUIPMENT AND FACILITY. Please take care of the equipment. Don’t tie knots in the jump ropes, don’t drag the boxes across the floors and don’t’ drop kettlebells or dumbbells or any weight for that matter unnecessarily.


DON’T DROP EMPTY BARBELLS. Please do not drop a barbell without weight (or dumb a barbell with 5kgs or 10kgs – its unnecessary) or when stripping weight off the barbell. This causes serious damage to our very expensive barbells. Plus every time an empty barbell (or light weight barbell) is dropped a puppy dies.


CHALK STAYS IN THE BUCKET. I repeat…Chalk stays in the bucket. I assure you it is not magical fairy dust, so please use it sparingly. And whatever you do, do not use it to mark off your rounds on the floor. If you cannot follow this rule, you will be directed to the mop and bucket reside to clean up your mess.




BE POSITIVE. Eliminate Can’t or Never from your Vocabulary! Don’t drag others down with a bad attitude. We believe anything is possible with a little hard work and determination. Be optimistic, have fun and push yourself and others to do better.


QUITTING IS NEVER AN OPTION. We promise you the workouts will challenge you and push you to your perceived limits. We only ask that you use proper form and always try hard. Effort always earns respect. Nobody cares about your time on the board or how much weight you move; they only care that you tried.




BE COACHABLE. Everyone needs a coach! If you need help, ask for it. The coach is there to help make you better.


YOUR EGO IS NOT YOUR AMIGO. And it is not welcome at Hi Reps. Don’t be afraid to be uncomfortable! Challenge yourself and continue to progress through scaling options until you can execute a full range of motion! This stuff takes time so be patient, have fun and push yourself and others to become better. And please don’t take yourself so seriously…We enjoy having fun, laughing and making exercise enjoyable.


LEARN TO COUNT. Please do not Cheat. It’s awkward when you do and evident to everyone around you. Try to complete every rep with good form and the full range of motion no matter the time it takes you. Train with Integrity and the Gains will come! If you lose count, the next number should always be 1.


TRAIN SMART. WARM UP. COOL DOWN. TAKE REST DAYS. We love Ganz…but make them smart Gainz! Rest, nutrition, and sleep are critical components to achieving results. Training and Volume alone won’t get you to your goal. Why do three workouts in one day when you aren’t very good at 1?


HAVE STANDARDS. Always use the full range of motion and train to the standard we teach. Just because you can do Rx weights doesn’t mean you always should. Lighter and lower is always better than heavier and higher.


BE ACCOUNTABLE TO YOURSELF. Track your goals, your workout times, and PRs. Celebrate your accomplishments! “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!”