Stressed? Time to Sweat It (Out)

Feeling stressed? You’re not alone.


Stress is an inevitable part of our modern existence. Whether you’re the CEO of a large company, a Kindergarten teacher or a construction worker, you have stress to deal with. We all have bills to pay, relationships to maintain and challenges to get through.


But you don’t have to let it get the best of you. How can you turn your stress-filled life on its head?


With one of the best .....

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Coach D – 18.Apr.2016


TRAINING IN THE COLD SUCKS - HERE'S HOW TO MAKE IT SUCK LESS. It's about this time of year when our training starts to fall off the radar - the call of Netflix, food, and friends start to drown our new year's resolutions. It's normal for our motivation to dip during this period, our bodies are transitioning for harvesting and movement to a period of hibernation - winter is coming!   Unfortunately while our monkey brain is wanting to snuggle up in a cave, we need to appeal to the logical side of the brain - the side that set goals .....

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Coach D – 20.Apr.2016

Benefits of Group Fitness Training at Hi Reps Fitness

Group classes are more than sweaty bodies and shouts of effort and encouragement that are seen and heard in the session. These one-hour blocks of time offer social inclusion opportunities, physical benefits, and psychological support. You should never be bored with the variety of the environment in a Group Class.


Attending a group class gets you up off the couch and out of the same four walls of your home to meet people in your community. You are .....

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