12 March 2017

Tools for Success

What tools do you use to measure goals and track success?


Hands down my personal favourite is the Dexa scan, if your goal is to get fit and lose weight which is most common for many people today you can't go past this machine.


What is a Dexa Scan:


Dexa scan is a measure of body composition, which refers to the proportion of fat, muscle and bone in the human body. A health body composition is one that includes a lower propor .....

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5 March 2017

Coaches Have Goals As Well

Not only do members of Hi Reps Fitness work day to day on goals, so do us coaches. Our Hi Reps Fitness coaches are constantly learning and increasing our knowledge to bring our awesome members the best possible results, lead by example and walk the talk for our members.


Here is my transformation: Towards the back end of last year I wanted a new goal. I wanted something that was going to get me out of my comfort zone yet push the boundaries a little but yet achievable. I was constantly tired, lethargic, .....

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2 March 2017

Recovery and how

Well done everyone on another epic week of training, your efforts have been outstanding which creates an awesome atmosphere and a real buzz. 👏 As its been a tough week of training lets talk about the importance of RECOVERY.


RECOVERY is essential for results. Your body needs time to repair and grow in order to transform. So here are a few things you can do to ensure you can achieve the results you DESIRE.


HYDRATE - Hydration plays a key role in the recovery proc .....

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27 February 2017

My Greatest Struggle…
Hi Reps Coaches



is trying to implement the idea of DESIRE into my clients minds... If one does not have this DESIRE to change what possibility of success can you expect?


Everyone says they want to lose weight, they want to build muscle, they want to become a better vision of themselves... But do they REALLY want it? Or kind of want it? Because the difference between failure and success is DESIRE to change! It doesn't matter if you hire the best coa .....

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5 January 2017

WHO 12-Week Challenge – Emily


Hi Reps was lucky enough to be a part of Emily's WHO 12-Week Transformation Challenge.


In her 12-Week Challenge entry last year, Emily told @WHOmagazine how her light had dimmed as her weight crept up. After dropping an amazing 11kg, Emily has regained her zest for life.


We can see your sparkle. Fantastic work, Emily!


****Emily took part in our regular CrossFit .....

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1 January 2017

Are You ready for the reVolution?


I got inspired by all the feedback I got from an email I sent out a few days ago about how so many people fail at their New Year weight loss resolution and end up right back where they were when they started, or worse. 


And in that same email I went on to explain the four factors why most people fail at their new year weight loss resolution. > Your goals are probably un-realistic and so you're already setting yourself up for failure. > You're unprepared. Sure y .....

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14 November 2016



Why we are fundraising/hosting a Games Day


Blair Kurtz, the 53-year-old founder and former owner of Quakers Hill Veterinary Hospital has been part of Hi Reps Fitness since 2014, having played first-grade football with Parramatta as a youth, and completing a half marathon last year, was diagnosed in late October 2015 with MND. The diagnosis came as a shock for someone who was so active. Sadly the disease has progressed rapidly, causing Blair to retire from work in F .....

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5 Super Fast Dinner Recipes

Most of our Hi Reps members want to eat healthy – they really do – but a single detrimental factor gets in their way…they simply don’t have the time.


I get it, we all lead busy lives that leave very little extra time for healthy meal prep, but the alternative of fast food meals, frozen dinners and restaurant fare is making us lose in the battle of the bulge.


All too often I see members exercise hard everyday, and then flush their results away with irrespo .....

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A new prescription for you…

Dr. Joseph Mercola, a well-known health advocate, has an interesting take on exercise.


He believes that it should be prescribed, like any other medication, in daily doses.


“The simple act of writing out a prescription for exercise is an excellent approach to being proactive regarding your health. It's also far more logical, inexpensive and radically reduces your risk of most every chronic disease known to man. A daily exercise routine is one of the main factor .....

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The rumours aren’t true

I’ve got to warn you. There are false rumors going around about strength training.


The truth is that strength training is one of the absolute best things you can do for your health and appearance.


If you’ve fallen for these 5 myths then you’re missing out on tremendous potential results.
Myth #1 Muscle Turns Into Fat
Why would anyone want to build muscle if it could morph into fat after a span of disuse? Rest assured that this is a myth of the .....

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