Lets talk about… CONSISTENCY

I want to chat with you about one of the most critical components with your fitness goals (and in most if not all aspects of your life): CONSISTENCY.


It's something that we often forget to include amongst our motivation, our training ability or even our nutrition when trying to reach our goals.


It doesn't matter what you are doing or planning to accomplish the first days/weeks/months of any worthwhile pursuit is about you being consistent.

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1 July 2017

Strength Training Will Change Your Life

You get married. Have a baby. Move across the world. Start going to night school so you can get a degree. All of these are life-changing events that make you a different person. But did you know your life can change significantly just by spending some time strength training?


That’s right—if you’re willing to commit to strength training, your life will change significantly, here are a few ways:


Change #1: Definition



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1 JUNE 2017

7 Reasons to HIT Your Training in the AM

For a rare few, mornings are the best time of the day. The birds are chirping, the sun is rising, and this the new day is invigorating. For the rest of the world, however, pushing out of bed and into the world of consciousness is no easy task (especially in Winter). However, if you’ve wanted to take your lifestyle to the next level of healthiness, the snooze button needs to go.


Wondering why you should kick your snooze button to the kerb and get to the gym first thing in the morning? Here are seven so .....

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31 March 2017



Here are a few gym rules we adhere to at Hi Reps Fitness that best reflect our gym’s culture and allows us to foster a fun, safe, clean, and respectful training environment for everyone in our community. This list is hardly all-inclusive, but it pretty much comes down to safety, common courtesy, and respect for others and our equipment.




GIVE US FEEDBACK. We love to hear from our members an .....

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29 March 2017

Improvement at anything is based on thousands of tiny failures

I'm spending a few hours reading today, and I wanted to take a quick break to share an awesome little gem from a book, and it got me thinking:



"Improvement at anything is based on thousands of tiny failures, and the magnitude of success is based on how many times you've failed at something. If someone is better than you are at something, it's likely they have failed at it more than you have. If someone is worse than you, it's likely because they haven't been th .....

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27 MARCH 2017

What if I told you that one of the best ways to shred fat….

What if I told you that one of the best ways to shred fat AND build muscle was to…wait for it…walk. Yup, that’s right, walk.


Let me explain.


I’m not just talking about regular old walking on a treadmill, or down the road. I’m talking about some next-level type walking, walking that can build strength, muscle, and blast fat all at once.


The farmer’s walk is the most popular variation. Grab a pair of kettlebells .....

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22 March 2017

Do you struggle with shoulder stability ?

Here is another variation to go with yesterday's video you can try.


The Hanging band technique is great for shoulder rehab and performance gains this training tool works! While I’ve used this throughout the body, I’ve found the athletes that I work with respond very well to utilising this tool for the shoulder.


By hanging weights from resistance bands, the instability of the movements is drastically increased. Therefore, the athlete’s neuromuscular dynamic c .....

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20 March 2017

The fool proof equation for mastering anything:



If you think something is impossible to achieve, then I have some news for you:


Your 100% flat out wrong... and that's a good thing!


As you put in the effort, are consistent, have patience and give it time - you'll be successful in whatever you choose to pursue or accomplish.


I don't know about you, but I think that's pretty bloody awesom .....

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15 March 2017

@hirepsfitness We don’t just train Strength & Conditioning.

No we strategically program for our awesome members to get the best possible results - but not just to look good on the outside.


Our programs are designed in fact for physiological and mental health benefits also to prepare you for life and everyday activities.


Take these 15 legends - all different ages, shapes, sizes, careers and stages of life but training together. These guys where put through an ultimate test this morning. Running 5km's as a team holding a r .....

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13 March 2017

The King of Exercises: Kettlebell Swings

If you were looking for the single perfect exercise—one that would not only burn a crapload of calories, scorch fat, build muscle, boost your endurance, but that would also improve your posture and keep you from getting lower back pain—you’d need to look no further than the kettlebell swing.


Why Kettlebell swings are awesome.


Why? Because they’ll give you: Increased power. To properly do a kettlebell swing, you’ll need to do a powerful hip thrust using .....

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